Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lame post, just about me :P

It's time to brag and boast about

To be honest, I'm just another simple naive person, trying to learn new things. I'm no expert, I'm not pro in anything. Yeah, in anything. I'm uttermost lazy person you ever gonna see/meet/speak to. [I find combing my hairs is time waste, hope you get the picture :)] And I'm good for nothing. But, hey, I'm the best example for laziest person [see I'm extremely useful in such cases.]

There are only two things exists in my life, books and my laptop. And nothing else. Really, nothing else. Hey wait,

books !=  engineering books,

and no other academic books, seriously. Period.

I don't believe rules, but I follow one single rule strictly :

#1 never to open my books till day before exams.

Sadly, sometimes I've to break this rule, to write stupid senseless assignments. I hate to break this rule #1 of me. Probably this is one of those rule, to which "break the rules" thingy wouldn't apply. By books I meant, novels and tech related books. I almost like every genre, but mostly I find mysteries and fables intriguing. Here is my book shelf :) I have subscribed to Chip magazine from past four years and I read T3 and Digit occasionally.

Now coming to my laptop, with which I spend most of my time. Ton thanks to my friend Prashant, who suggested it, it’s just Awesome thing that has ever happened. Just little place to keep it and I’m too good anywhere in the world. My cousin calls me Geekie Bitch [about 2nd word I am not proud of :/] Well, to be honest, there’s nothing in my life, beyond my laptop. No more write up about it.

I am an cursed engineering student. I use word cursed, cos lots of fucked up things happening after I joined it. What’s more, my university seat no. is 13 ! It’s enough, I don’t want to talk more about it.

My lifestyle is simple, my day starts with a race. When you wake up just half an hour before college, what you expect other than race :P Because I wake up all night surfing net, I cover up those sleep hours in college ;) Just I have to pray almighty that I never get caught and my 50 year old college building never falls off on my little head.

Okay, all this shit write up about me, why I wrote this ? Because at the time of this post, there was some problem with my net and I had no work. Why you reading this ? because you are under wrong impression that I am some interesting person and expect something surprising content from me ? Move on, there are other good posts in this blog :)

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