Sunday, January 30, 2011

Indian students being treated like animals x-(

Thinking to study abroad ? Think again. It might not be as colourful as it looks.


As you might be knowing already some Indian students got involved in fake US university Tri-Valley. The university is ‘legit’ as per US standards, as it was registered with the official Student and Exchange Visitor Information System database. But, now, investigating authorities say that this university was involved in an effort to defraud, misuse visa permits and indulge in money laundering and other crimes. Now all students are being treated as suspects and are ‘forced’ to wear radio collars, so that they can be monitored and kept under watch. They are people ! they have no right to treat them like animals !

This action of US authorities is very rude and insensitive. This should not be tolerated.

for more recent news :

I am not generalizing, that US is bad, but due to some fraud of university, students should not be punished like this. I have always known, from people who went to US, that they have been treated very well. All they said was US people are extremely friendly unless you get into dark paths.

And one last thing,

Dear US Authorities,


with love.

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