Saturday, January 29, 2011

Buying Books in India, My top favorites

To be honest I like to buy books from Bookstore, not from virtual one. Nothing can beat, visiting a book store, see the racks filled with books, feel the every colourful cover and enjoy reading the back. Seriously, nothing !

Still today, in this everything digitized world, I prefer visiting a book store located nearby. But sometimes when I am unable to find books, I look online, only option left. [I don’t give traffic, dust and time for not visiting a book store. ]

Here are my top favorites

1. Flipkart : Really nice site, well categorized and fast shipping. It’ll be always my top favourite and my first site in which I’d like to hunt for books.

2. Infibeam

3. Indiaplaza

4. A1 Books

5. Rediff

6. Tradus by ibibo

7. Up Rack

And also don’t forget to search in Ebay, if you have got some discount/gift coupons, it is very nice.

Note : While comparing prices of books within these sites, don't forget to include shipping charges ! And almost all sites provide free shipping nowadays.

If you’re accustomed to ebooks, don’t forget to search them at Project Gutenberg. You know the sweetest part ? It’s free :D Still it needs lots of time for people getting accustomed to ebooks, hence less sites.

If you live in Metros like Bengaluru, Delhi or Mumbai, there are some good library services, which provide home delivery also. Such sites I came across were MyLib and Library Wala.

If I am missing something here, please let me know :)


  1. Hey really nice list :)

    thank you for sharing.

  2. You're welcome Sunanda :)

  3. thank you, nice list :)

  4. Impressive list :)

  5. Thank you Shubhangini :)