Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's time to brag and boast about To be honest, i'm just another simpl naive person, trying to learn new things. I'm no expert, i'm not pro in anything. Yeah, in anything. I'm uttermost lazy person you ever gonna see. And i'm good for nothing. But, hey, i'm the best example for lazyst person, see i'm extremely useful in such cases. There are only two things exists in my life, books and my laptop. And nothing else. Really, nothing else. Hey wait,

books !=  engineering books,

and no other academic books, seriously. Period.

I don't believe rules, but I follow one single rule strictly :

#1 never to open my books till day before exams.

Sadly, sometimes I've to break this rule, to write stupid senseless assignments. I hate to break this rule #1 of me. Probably this is one of those rule, to which "break the rules" thingy wouldn't apply.

By books I meant, novels and tech related books. I almost like every genre, but mostly I find mysteries and fables intriguing.

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