Monday, February 7, 2011


I really appreciate your comment, really good. I liked the way you thought in other way around. Here are answers from me :

And why should I not take this as a blog “marketing” stint of yours?

Marketing ? Mind telling me, what I am selling here ?

You already have 20+ unique comments, that makes your blog (in?)famous.

I correct you, there are 35+ comments ;) If you think 35+ comments makes someone's blog famous, then I don't want to say anything about it. *Oh, yeah I am famous now ?*

I very frankly dont believe in the screenshots you posted, nice work with photoshop.

I agree using photoshop this can be done. Even MSPaint is enough for these tricks. Here is the source - link and link2

“You saying that the (story) is fake” can be fake in itself, untill and unless you provide us with links to your conversation with IIT-G students, as a matter of fact.

I don't have them and you're welcome to say my story as fake. I have no problem :) And to tell you, I will be the first person to be very happy if it turns out true. Can't tell you how much I...hmmm...leave it.

P.S. - Try getting english lessons from someone, you dont qualify for blogging bud.

Oh I never knew, there's some qualification needed for blogging. Thanks for letting me know :) Tell me if you are free, I will be happy to learn "english" from you.

Let's not you scratch me, I scratch you back, lets stand together and dig the truth out. Why no one from IIT-G came forward to prove his story ? The story has created so much fuss and if I were his friend, I'd have directly went to some TV news channel by now. Don't forget about immense support from all IITians.

And thank you :)

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