Tuesday, February 1, 2011

At last I got Ten Sports !

You probably have read my friend Nikhil aka dj_faithless' experience with Microtek issue, now his experience with Airtel DTH Service. Okay, over to his words :

Dear Customer Service Rep,

I'm writing to complain regarding the blatant misinformation your agent Rajesh Dutta* has given me while taking a new Airtel DTH connection.

The Entire Saga:

I called up your Toll Free Customer Service helpline to inquire regarding a new connection & the relevant packages available. Your rep Rajesh Dutta informed me that for Rs 1590 I can get a new connection + 3 months free + Rs. 250 cashback offer. He then told me that after 3 months, I will be charged Rs 303 per month for this Mega Package. I specified to him 4 times the channels I would watch on a regular basis putting utmost emphasis on TEN ACTION & TEN SPORTS as these channels were not available on my existing Tata Sky DTH. Rajesh told me that these channels would be available to me for Rs. 303 per month & I wouldn't have to shell out extra for them. I then paid through my credit card using the IVR. After a day your Installation engineer arrives at my place & takes nearly 5 hours of my time to install the dish as some part was faulty.

Once the installation was finally complete, to my Shock & Awe I realized I didn't have TEN ACTION & TEN SPORTS channels. I then called up your helpline & was told that I'll have to pay for them separately. Also why do these incompetent morons you'll hire in your call center speak to me in Hindi when I select an English helpline? One rep tells me that the call opening will always be in Hindi? Are you seriously trying to tickle my funny bone with this justification? Another rep tells me that there is a system glitch. A different rep tells me that your English speaking helpline agents are busy & hence the call was transfered to an Hindi speaking agent. I also had a rep who questioned the very foundation of my education, to my credit which I find extremely hilarious when the agent said "AAPKO HINDI NAHI AATA" ??

I was totally disgusted & annoyed with this reply which made me feel cheated. I decided to activate TEN ACTION anyways from my Rs. 250 cash back which I received as I wanted to watch a football match that night. I also lodged a complain (11369077) regarding this asking the supervisor to start a formal investigation as to why I was given wrong information & what will be the outcome.

To my utter disbelief, some retarded agent or supervisor of your company calls me to inform that TEN ACTION & TEN SPORTS is not included in your Mega package & you'll have to pay for them separately. I told the agent that you don't have to repeat things which were told to me previously but what action are you going to take on Rajesh who has given me wrong information. She tells me that we'll investigate further & get back to you.

Another agent calls me back after a few days to tell that I'm sorry for the wrong information given by the agent & we will get back to you with a solution. Guess what, nobody calls me back. Today I called the Nodal officer number which was given on your website to raise this complain. Again the bad customer service does not end here. It looks to me that Airtel are bent on recruiting incompetent imbeciles for their entire company who know nothin other then to read out pre-empted scripts from their screen. The nodal officers helpers tell me that I'll have to write this humongously descriptive email to get a solution.

Now comes the million dollar questions which I know aren't going to be answered, however, thanks to my persistence & patience along with belief in the system I shall give it a vague try.

1. Why when I select the English version of your helpline your reps always speak to me in Hindi ?
2. Why does Airtel employ a bunch of dimwits who can't a word of English when calls are transfered to them?
3. Why is Airtel questioning my national language speaking capability?
4. Why on would you'll get a bunch of complete faggots calling me & telling that "TEN ACTION & TEN SPORTS is not included in your package & you'll have to subscribe to them separately" when I already know this information ?
5. Why should I pay extra for a mistake & misinformation provided by your agent when you'll are not even bothered to accept it.
6. Why can't you'll check this call if it's monitored for quality purposes as proof that it was Rajesh Dutta's error & he should be made to pay for it.
7. Why would I take Airtel DTH when Dish TV & Sun TV are offering me the same channels for cheaper?

Possible solutions to my issues.

For all the problems I had mentioned above from the installation to the customer service to the lies & misinformation, I would like Ten Sports & Ten Action to be given to me as a part of my package which I was promised earlier i.e. Rs 303

or Refund my complete installation amount.

Failing to do so,

1. I'll be forced to file a lawsuit against you'll for misinformation & all the inconvenience caused to me during this entire episode. I shall also be filing an RTI for that conversation with Rajesh Dutta to make my case solid.

2. I shall raise this issue up with Mumbai Mirror & other papers who will be more than willing to put up such crap since their news is anyways abstract & non-sensical.

3. I shall also raise this issue up in various forums & spread by word of mouth that you'll are a useless and ignorant company. I'll make sure that nobody takes your products and that this complain also reaches the eye of Sunil Mittal.

If you need to ask any further queries, please feel free to contact me on the above mentioned cell number. However, If I get another incompetent idiot calling me who has no whatsoever supervisory authority to take decisions, I shall escalate this further.


And what happened next ? Airtel gave me Ten Sports and Ten Action for 6 months, for free. Yeah, I kinda like Airtel DTH over Tatasky ;)

*name of has changed.

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