Thursday, February 17, 2011

Buy M S Dhoni’s Biography at only Re. 1 !!!

You read it right !Buy our cool captian M.S. Dhoni's biography at just 1 Re. No hidden costs !

Name of the Book : Captian Cool

Author : Gulu Ezekiel

Link - click here

Cost of the book : 1 Re.

Shipping charges : ZERO

Total : 1 Re.

PS : I don't know when this offer ends, so grab it soon. What wonders me is this book really worth 1 Re. Anyways just ordered myself one :)


  1. Well, if its authored by Gulu Ezekiel (whoever that may be) you can't call the book Autobiography of Dhoni. It'll be called Biography of Dhoni. Autobiography implies that the person has authored his own life!

    I would really like to see if this comments get published... coz I read your Rohan Rathore article and I liked it. I am a BIT Mesarite & I never believe in a story until I confirm it (just like you) that's how I reached your blog. I have often replied back to chain mails like -
    UNESCO declared India's National Anthem as world's best.
    Pass on the Message from Mark Zuckerburg (the founder of Facebook!)

    But I saw some comments which asked you to correct your English but here they seem to be right! :P (Just kidding). Thanks for the Awesome article on Rohan Rathore. IITians really need to get out of their Private worlds. Being an engineer is a responsibility - to bring out development in society using technology and not sitting in the rooms keeping mum!

  2. Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time :-)