Sunday, December 12, 2010

On Thalaiva’s B’day :D

Warmest B'day wishes to him,long live Rajanikant !

Tomorrow is the big day, Thalaiva's B'day :) Here are some facts which I know about Rajanikant...

*Facebook wishes on Rajani's wall, on his b'day
*Rajani has dis like button in fb
*Orkut scraps Rajani and Gtalk pings him ;)
*Rajani left Orkut, now it's dead

*Rajani is the only person, with whom Sheldon'd scared to argue. Rajinga :P
*The Joker'd have said “Why so Rajanikant”
*Rajanikant planted Inception :P
*If Rajani was in Shawshank Redemption, it'd have been super flop, because he just needs mili second to 'put' a tunnel
*Matrix enters into Rajanikant
*In Bourne Identity, Rajani plays with identitiy of US of A ;)
*Rajani put a scar on Voldemort's forehead
*Barney learnt his charms from Rajani

*Rajani never uses mouse to click anything, his eyes are enough
*Sometimes when Google fails to return it's results, it searches Rajani
*Only windows pc which never crashes, belongs to Rajani
*Rajani can insert mobile in his sim card
*Rajani's childhood toy, Chaiyya Chaiyya mobile, now being known as iPhone :P

*Rajani ate Apple's brand logo
*Bill gates stole Rajani's LKG project, which we use as Windows 7
*Like everyone uses dialer to connect to net, BSNL dials to Rajani
*Rajani's laptop battery never goes out of charge, youknowwhy :P
*Rajani can open word files in VLC
*Bill gates uses Rajani 7 OS in his laptop
*Rajani has Intel proccessor, in his AMD mobo chipset
*Come on, he doesn't need a graphic card to play games
*Size of my laptop hard disk = Rajani's Proccessor L2 Cache memory
*He has iOS in his Nokia 3310 & Pentabooted his 1100 with Android, Symbian, Memo, Webos & RIM
*Only Rajani, not even Steve Jobs, knows future hardware relases from Apple
*Rajani's download speed croseed infinity & he has ping of -infinity
*It's actually RAJANIWTFBBQ
*If Rajani touches any non-apple hardware, installing mac in it will be child's play
*I add Rajani as trackers list in my torrent, do i need to tell you why ? :P

*Rajani abducts aliens
*Rajani's strolling speed = speed of light
*Neil Armstrong was under wrong impression that he saw the Great Wall of China from Moon, but it was Rajani lungi :P
*On 12th Dec, 2012, Rajani gonna susu on Sun, so does the world ends
*Rajani can come back from Black Hole

*At last, it's E=Rajani Square ;)

Disclaimer  - Didn't COPY - PASTE-ed, entirely my creation :D


  1. hmm, avi, are these true lies or
    false truths? :P

  2. err...these are FACTS !

    [be careful Rajani might be reading your comment :P]

  3. You think I am kidding ??? ;)

  4. hey, i want some q answered regarding web hosting...
    will u give me ur email id?

  5. why not giving your mail id pal?? I swear to you that i wont disclose it to the superstar :P


  6. DUDE !!!

    I told you how to reach me, the about me page ! I have given all my contact info.

    anyways sending you a mail now :)